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Residential cleaning

Will the same people be cleaning my home?

Yes, you will have the same people cleaning your home each time. This way we get familiar with your home. Occasionally an employee will be sick, at that time we will send a replacement cleaner.

How do I prepare for my cleaning?
Before our cleaning crew arrives, please be sure to provide us with a key or code, or arrange to be at home so that you can let the cleaners in. On the day of the service, please ensure that sinks have been emptied, counters are clear, and clothes, toys, shoes, boots and other objects have been picked up off the floor. This will allow our team to get right to work cleaning and vacuuming rather than using your scheduled time to prepare the house for cleaning. You are paying for our time, so the more you prepare your house in advance, the more time we can spend actually cleaning! Finally, please ensure that your main garbage can (usually in the kitchen) has been emptied so that we can empty the other garbage cans in the house into it.

Who supplies the cleaning products?

We prefer to supply the cleaning products. We have done a lot of research on what works best on hard water stains, furniture polish and on hardwood floors. Our products not only clean but also disinfect and kill a wide spectrum of germs. However, if you prefer, we can use your vacuum and supplies. We ask that you leave the supplies in either a bucket or a caddie so we can carry them around the house.

Are you licensed and bonded?

Yes, our company is licensed and bonded. Of course, we are very careful with your belongings. But it’s good to know that you are protected against any breakage that may occur while we clean your home.

How do you monitor quality?

We have a team leader that is responsible for checking your house before we leave. Periodically a person from the management staff will come out to your home and inspect your house to make sure that the cleaning meets our high standards.

What if I want work done a certain way?

We have our way of doing things, as do you; so, if you want something done in a specific manner then please let us know in advance and we will be happy to accommodate. Review our checklist of what we do on the services page. If in doubt, please ask; don’t assume.

Do I need to be home for the cleaning?

Most of our customers are not home when we clean their homes. If you wish to be home, we will schedule a time that is mutually convenient. Our cleaners have a detailed spec sheet of your home regarding pets, valuable collectables that you do not want cleaned, how to get into your home, etc. Only the information you give us will be added to the customer information sheet. This way we can really customize our cleaning to meet your needs.

What other services do you offer?

In addition to our regular cleaning service and for an additional fee we can clean

  • Interior windows
  • Post-construction clean up
  • Move in/move out 
  • Corporate cleaning
  • Whole house deep spring cleaning


We do not offer carpet cleaning, however, we do work with reputable cleaning companies that we can recommend and even set up at your request.  Please note, we do not work weekends for residential cleaning (only commercial) and we never offer same day service We do not offer our service to B&B's.

How do you train your employees?

Not everybody knows how to clean a house thoroughly, that is why we train our cleaners. We take the time to thoroughly train our employees. We use the most complete training in the industry and work with our employees one-on-one until they have met our standards. Our employees are trained on how to use our cleaning products, follow cleaning techniques and standards of general cleaning services. They are also trained on safety procedures while in your home. Together, these practices ensure excellent quality while maintaining a safe working environment. They have also been approved to be bondable through the local law enforcement agencies.

When do I pay you?

If paying by credit card payment is due at time of booking for a move in, move out, deep clean, post construction clean, and any out of town work.  The reason for this is because our spots are limited and therefor valuable, this ensures a guaranteed booking.  If paying by cash or cheque for a standard cleaning only, payment is due when the team arrives.  If paying by e-transfer payment is due prior to services being rendered. 

Please note; we require a one hour minimum for in-town work, and a two hour minimum for any out of town work. A mobile fee will also be added for out of town work.

What if I need to cancel or I forget about my appointment?

Let us know 48 hours in advance if you need to cancel a booking so that we can give that time to someone else. You will be charged 50% of your service fee for any appointments missed or cancelled without 48 hours prior notice.

Do you provide any extra services?

While we don't mind doing little extra services for our clients there are some services we simply do NOT provide:

Laundry – including washing, picking up, putting away, folding and ironing; we are not a maid service

Beds – we do not change your bedding or towels

Dishes – we do not wash your dishes or load your dishwasher

Pets – including walking and cleaning up accidents in your home; your pets are your responsibility not ours.

Toys – including picking up and putting away

Clutter – including organizing, putting away; please have your home ready for us to clean

Garbage – removal from your home is your responsibility, although we will gladly empty your bathroom garbage into the main one under the sink or where it’s located within your home.

Hotel Rooms - we do not clean hotel rooms

What is the refund policy?

All cleaning services are refundable for cancellation purposes only with 48 hours notice.  If less than 48 hours notice then 50% will be withheld due to time constraints around re booking that spot, no exceptions.  No refunds will be given after services have been rendered.  If you have a service issue we will be happy to discuss and send our crew to fix the deficiency as long as you let us know within 24 hours of services being rendered.  After 24 hours we cannot accept responsibility.  

Are your staff fully vaccinated?

Only select employers in certain sectors are required to collect vaccination status from their workers. We do not fall into that category. Please refer to the Work Safe BC website for more information on this subject.

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