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Modern Clean Mezzanine

We Offer Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services

We here at Dirt Devils Cleaning Co. offer a wide variety of accommodations designed to suit your individual needs through our residential and commercial cleaning services. We work with clients throughout the Kamloops area, and we will be happy to help recommend a service based on your needs. Contact us today to get started.


Improve the Value of Your Home

Did you know that getting your home professionally cleaned is more than just a matter of cleanliness? It's also a matter of maintenance. Keeping your home cleaned on a regular basis helps to maintain the condition and value of your home. Keeping surfaces from building up dirt allows the construction materials and paint to last longer, which in return helps the home keep its value. It's just one more reason to have your cleaning done by the professionals.


What kind of cleaning products do we use?

Due to the pandemic we no longer use or offer green cleaning solutions.  As we all know, these products do not kill bacteria and germs.  For the safety of our employees and customers we no longer use these products.  


Please Note: We do not pull out appliances; we are happy to clean under or behind the appliances provided you move them out prior to our arrival. Also we do not clean blinds, under staircases, crawl spaces or in unfinished basements/concrete areas. We do not clean hot water tanks. We do not open windows to clean those tracks or remove screens. We do not clean inside washing machines, dryers or dishwashers.

Cleaning Services
Standard Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
Post Construction Cleaning
Move In/Out

Please Note

We do not open windows or doors and clean tracks. We do not remove screens of doors and windows. We do not clean inside washing machines, dryers and dishwashers. We will not dust or clean hot water tanks. 

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