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Commercial cleaning

Learn More about Our Commercial Cleaning Services

At Dirt Devils Cleaning Co., we believe that a clean office can make a huge difference in the atmosphere of your business and is an essential element to your professional image. After an evaluation of your facility we can create a cleaning schedule customized to meet your needs. We organize office cleanings for clients with a single office, multiple offices and office complexes throughout Kamloops. Contact us today to get started.


We Offer Flexibility to Meet Your Unique Requirements

Different clients have their own individual requirements with regard to a cleaning schedule. However we are very flexible and we adapt to meet the requirements of our clients. We can act as a key holder and clean the offices outside of working hours either early morning or evening. But we also see an increasing number of clients that like the cleaning to take place while they are still working. It allows face-to-face communication with the cleaners, which allows a rapport to be established and prevents many of the problems that can occur when cleanings take place outside of office hours.


Realistic Quotes

Office cleaning is the most competitive end of the contract cleaning market and we at Dirt Devils Cleaning Co. do not produce cheap quotes in order to gain work. Instead, we provide our prospective customers with a realistic quote which will ensure that the job is carried out to the customer's satisfaction.

Cleaning Services
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Please Note

We do not open windows or doors and clean tracks. We do not remove screens of doors and windows. We do not clean inside washing machines, dryers and dishwashers. We will not dust or clean hot water tanks.


Also, note that we do not clean blinds.

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