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Post Construction Cleaning Services in Kamloops BC

At Dirt Devils Cleaning Co., we have always taken great pride in our work and we leave no stone unturned to keep our customers satisfied. When it comes to construction-related activities, no job is too big or too small for our talented team. From single-family homes to multi-unit condo developments and commercial buildings, we do it all. We are fully licensed and insured, and our team follows WCB protocols to work safely on site. We are PPE equipped with hard hats, steel toe boots, and reflective wear.


Rough Clean

As the new building is completed, the task of cleaning begins. This is known as the rough clean phase. Our rough cleaning services include:


  • Cleaning walls, including removing dust
  • Getting rid of scuff marks, fingerprints, dirt and smudges
  • Dusting all lights and fixtures
  • Washing and cleaning all trim, including doors, window frames and baseboards
  • Washing counters, cabinets and tops inside and out, vacuuming and washing inside drawers and behind as required.
  • Unpackaging appliances and removing stickers as required
  • Cleaning windows, including tracks, frames and removal of all stickers as required
  • Cleaning all mirrors as required
  • Cleaning bathroom cabinets, tiles, mirrors, tubs and surrounds
  • Wash and dust inside of closets
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Shop vacuum, wash and steam hard floors


Final Clean 

The final clean stage is performed after the initial rough clean and prior to occupancy. It typically consists of every step in the rough clean process being redone. The building is very thoroughly and comprehensively cleaned along with common areas, entryways and stairwells as required. After the final clean has been completed, the space is now considered move-in ready.



Country Side Homes, rough & final clean.

Sierra Lane Construction, new build for “Wendy's Restaurant” 3,200 sq ft. rough and final clean.

"Creston House” by Cape Construction. 60 unit one and two bedrooms, including all common areas and stairwells, 52,000 sq ft. rough and final cleaned by Dirt Devil's in 2020.

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Please Note

We do not open windows or doors and clean tracks. We do not remove screens of doors and windows. We do not clean inside washing machines, dryers and dishwashers. We will not dust or clean hot water tanks. 

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